2000+ Lightroom Workshop Participants have learned the essentials of how to use Lightroom with Jerry Courvoisier. “The Hands On workshop approach continues to be a pleasure to personally meet, engage and help participants develop an understanding of Lightroom”. Jerry’s unique workshop brand fully engages and interacts with the participants to help them focus on the specific elements that maximize the learning of a well managed, efficient and creative photography workflow.

In the spring of 2015 Jerry will introduce a new addition to the 2-Day “Hands On” workshop approach that will focus on both complementary Adobe products, Lightroom and Photoshop.

Jerry’s foundational book produced with Peach Pit Press in 2009: “Lessons in DSLR Workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop” is still a great reference today. The update to the 2-Day workshop format will build on and explore the integration of both applications and will certainly take the participant’s photography to a new level both effectively and creatively. The new Combo (LR & PS) workshops will focus on the inclusion of all the latest and greatest features of both programs specifically for photographers.

Registrations for these limited enrollment workshops will be live soon. To preview the NEW Spring 2015 schedule, please use this Link http://lightroomworkshops.com/lightroom-photoshop-workshops-2015/

Expressions of interest and early registrations can be directed to  jer@jerrycourvoisier.com