After Downloading your smart phone photos and video with Lightroom, it’s time to free up some needed space on your smart Phone

How to delete the photos and videos off your phone

After you have gone through the process of importing in Lightroom (copying your photos from your smart phone)

Check First …. To be secure in knowing that your photos have been copied to your destination hard drive folder of choice.

To check the location of any photo within the Lightroom Library grid (g) …. “Right click” on the photo to present the contextual menu and highlight show in Finder (Mac) or show in Explorer (Windows)
find photo-1

This will allow you to immediately go to the physical location of the Lightroom referenced photo.

Now ….Freeing up some needed space on your smart Phone

Mac Users

1. Connect your phone to your Mac via USB
2. Open up the application Image Capture (you can do this by searching ‘Image Capture’ within Spotlight in the upper right hand corner of your desktop)
3. Click on your phone icon (under Devices the left) and you’ll be able to view all of your photos.
4. Click Command-A to select all of your photos, or hold down the Command key while clicking on the photos you want to select multiple images (these selected images will become highlighted).
5. When you’re ready to commit, click to delete.

PC Users

1. Connect your phone to your PC via USB
2. Open Windows Explorer
3. On the left panel, find your phone icon under ‘Computer,’ then open it
4. Click to open Internal Storage
5. Open up the DCIM folder
6. Open the folders listed (you should see your images)
7. Hit Ctl+A to highlight all photos (make sure all files are only what you want deleted)
8. Right click and delete