LightroomWorkshops March 2012 News Bulletin!

Two-Day Lightroom 4.0 Workshops at a City Near You

To free up more time for the creative aspects of your photography and take it to a new level you must spend less time managing, organizing, and processing your images. One tool that can help you be more productive is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Spend a weekend learning about Lightroom with our experienced digital-photography pros to convert your sometimes chaotic workflow into a faster, smarter, start-to-finish Lightroom workflow.   The hands-on, two-day Lightroom workshops are being presented in cities throughout the USA this year.
In the U.S., each workshop will be presented by one of our four award-winning digital photography experts: Jerry Courvoisier, George Jardine, Nevada Wier and Rob Sylvan.

Instead of just talking about Lightroom, each instructor will use an experiential, personalized, and interactive approach to teaching.

“Participants bring their Laptops or Computers with the current version of Adobe Lightroom installed and we dig in straight away with practical applications and time-saving tips,” explains Jerry Courvoisier, “We like to say that our workshop participants learn by doing, and….. walk away knowing.”

Courvoisier, believes the $295.00 registration fee is an excellent value for an
exceedingly useful hands-on workshop. As we see it, the two-day weekend workshops fill the gap between five-hour/talking-head sessions that cost $99 and week-long sessions that cost $1,000 or more.

During each workshop, the instructor will show you how to use Lightroom to download, organize, manage, develop and present your photography.

By the end of the two days, you should know how to use Adobe Lightroom to its fullest potential by generating time-saving presets and templates.

U.S. Dates and Cities

In the U.S., the Saturday/Sunday seminar sessions are currently scheduled from Feburary 25 through June 24 in 31 cities.  For more information about specific locations, the instructors, and content, visit:

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