Recently I asked my good friend Dan Burkholder to identify what he is using in the realm  of  iPhone photography apps these days .

Let me share with my lightroom friends his response  All the product links are hot so you can check out each descriptions.  enjoy ,

Hey Jerry,

I like to divide it into Shooting, Editing and Stylizing categories.

Each shooter will have a bit of each in his/her workflow.


The iPhone’s Camera App is good for many tasks including Panorama shooting. It’s HDR feature is fairly useless, however.

ProCamera7 or Camera + are both good shooting apps when separation of focus and metering is useful.

Vivid HDR is the best HDR app as it melds three exposures. Bracket Mode fits the bill when deferred HDR processing is needed.

AutoStitch is simply amazing and gets better each year. The iPad version supports images up to 38MB.

Hipstamatic: this shooting app bends the rules as it really stylized the image but it doesn’t fit in any other category.


SnapSeed of course

Photoshop Express (it used to suck but is now a refined image editor lacking only local area control)

Photo Wizard gives terrific masking with Curves, Shadow/Highlight and a host of other great editing features. The iPad version is even better.

TouchRetouch: wonderful retouching; some prefer Handy Photo instead, which is by the same developer.


Photo Toaster has a natural interface with new features added constantly. I love this app’s textures and Lighting Brush

Distressed FX: nice range of textures and overlays (even birds).

Photo Copier: this is the incredible app with a lousy name. It should be called Artistic Emulator as you borrow the color and texture from other masters.

Image Blender: easy blending of two images; it’s great when an effect by itself is overpowering.

Have fun!

all the Best,