Free 2013 Lightroom 4.0 Calendar Templates

2013 Lightroom Calendar Templates Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2013 Last year, thousands of Lightroom users downloaded and enjoyed inserting their own Photos into my CD Calendar case templates and creating unique gifts for friends and family. The popular, free 2013 calendar templates jpegs, Lightroom print Module templates along with the instructional video for Lightroom 4.0 are now available for to download below. Lightroom 4.0 print Module templates LR_CD_calendar_Case_templates Calendar Jpegs 2013_calendar_tplates_jpegs Instructional video LR_2013_desk_calendarv6 2012 / 2013 News Items This year with Blurb’s help, I created an eBook called “Learn Lightroom –Orgainizing your Photographic Life” for the iPad and iPhone.  This eBook has 78 pages of reference text and 14 integrated how-to videos.  This Lightroom educational content and personal instruction is now available for a limited time for the cost of a cup of coffee ($1.99). The first book in the four book series can be purchased@ or through the Apple iBookstore as well. If your looking for an avenue to share your photography, take the time and enjoy the experience and process of creating your own Blurb photo book in Lightroom 4.0. View my one hour instructional bookmaking video here: 2013 will be an exciting year filled with new one-day Lightroom seminars in 20 cities, 2-day “Hands-On” Lightroom workshops in 12 cities and 6 destination photography workshops to some wonderful events and locations. Stay tuned for more details on locations, dates and prices at the end of this holiday season.

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Learn Lightroom Book 1- $1.99 (ebook) by Jerry Courvoiser

Organizing Your Photographic Life by Jerry Courvoiser ebook, (iBooks for iPad and iPhone format)  Introductory Offer for a limited time $1.99  Introductory Offer for a limited time $1.99 Learn Lightroom Book 1 provides a new perspective on grasping the essential elements of this application. Jerry focuses on developing the user’s confidence to engage with the program in a way that produces an effective and efficient workflow quickly. Learn Lightroom will assist you in enjoying the photography process that fits with your approach to photography. The book includes 73 pages of reference materials, resource web links and 14 “How To” videos that will have you working in Lightroom's Library without a glitch. Ease into the process of using Learning Lightroom with this thought. Photoshop CS6's learning curve on the scale of 1 to 10 would be a 10 vs. Lightroom’s 4. Lightroom is like learning to ride a bicycle as opposed to learning to fly a jet airliner.

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Lightroom 4.0 Workshops that Bridge Software with Creativity   Our Lightroom 4.0 Workshops are designed so that participants can learn by applying new techniques to their Photographic practice.  Our Lightroom and Photography Experts don’t just teach what’s new about the application, but the techniques and aspects of the software that will help you use it effectively .  Check out a workshop in a city near you!

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Big News Lightroom / Blurb Bookmaking Module !!

With the Public Beta release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.0  find some significant application improvements, important enhancements and new features that have been added for organizing, processing and presenting your images. Big News Lightroom / Blurb Bookmaking Module !!! Download this Blurb Bookmaking intro Video!

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